What type of washing powder should I use?

There are a few different types of washing powder that you can use when cleaning your clothes. 

They each have different uses and benefits - we go through them all here: 

Bio vs Non-Bio


Biological detergents have specially created enzymes which break down common stains and dirt to give a more effective clean than those without them. 

Because these enzymes do most of the cleaning and you’re not relying on heat as much to break down stains, you can wash your clothes at lower temperatures. This is great for delicate items or clothes you wear every day, as they won’t wear out as quickly in a cooler wash. 

While bio detergents are great for getting the cleanest clothes possible, some people might have reactions to the enzymes and can suffer mild skin irritation. If you’re washing young children’s clothes or someone in your family has sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to use a non-bio detergent instead. 


✓ Better cleaning at lower temperatures 
✗ Can cause skin irritation


✓ Kinder to sensitive skin 
✗ Needs a higher temperature to clean effectively

Liquid vs Powder Detergent


If you don’t already have a preference for detergent types, there a few differences that could swing one in your favour.  

Liquid detergent is generally less abrasive than powder, so there’s less chance of clothes fading or getting damaged in the wash. However, liquid doesn’t have the sheer cleaning ability of powder. 

Because liquid detergent just needs watering down in the drum, it doesn’t create a build-up of grime around the door filter. This’ll be familiar if you frequently use powder for low temperature washes. To stop it, switch to liquid for your daily washes.  

Powder is great for big messes or things that requires less regular washing, like towels and bed covers. Most powder has some bleach in it, so you need to be careful washing delicate items with it.


✓ Safer for everyday use and more effective at 30°C 
✗ Doesn’t clean as effectively as powder


✓ Most effective for removing stains and dirt 
✗ Can cause fading to delicate clothes

What’s best?


As there isn’t a single type of detergent that works perfectly for everything, it’s a good idea to have both powder and liquid and just use them each when necessary.

If you have children or family members with sensitive skin, it’s a good idea have some non-bio too to prevent skin irritation. 

Hopefully this is everything you need to know about what detergent to use for each type of clothes. However, if you want to talk to us about anything, you can contact us here

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