Should you wash your clothes at 30°C?


Depending on who you ask, washing at 30°C cleans your clothes just as well as a hotter wash, or it’s not worth the effort.

While there’s no catchall answer to whether to you should or shouldn't wash your clothes at lower temperatures, there are times when it’s a good idea.



You don’t always need to wash your clothes at higher temperatures to get them clean.  

Modern detergents are designed to work at 30°C, so you can expect great results from lower temperatures for your everyday washing. 

If your clothes just a need freshening up and aren’t actually dirty, a 30°C wash is all you need to make them look and smell clean again.



The problem with washing at 30°C is that it won't always remove stains, mud, and rubbed in dirt. It's a good idea to heavily soiled clothes at 40°C (or higher if they're really bad) to make sure all the grime is washed away.  

Washing at high temperatures


Some clothes and fabrics needs to be washed at 40°C or over. The easiest way to tell is to check the label, but it's safe to assume towels and other thick fabrics need a hotter wash.

The only thing that regularly needs washing beyond 40°C is bedding - sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases should be washed at 60°C to make sure any bed bugs are killed off.

If you or a family member has been ill, washing everything they've come in contact with at a higher temperature is a good idea to make sure bacteria is killed off too.

We also recommend running a maintenance wash every month or so to keep the washer clean and free from mould – to do this, just throw an old towel in and run a full cycle at the hottest temperature possible.

Hopefully that's everything you need to know about washing temperatures. 

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