Using Fast Startup on your Windows computer

Windows 8 and 10 have a feature called 'Fast Startup' (or 'Fast Boot' in Windows 8) that lets you start your computer faster than normal. It works by saving some settings and files so that the next time it turns on, those files are ready to go and so the computer will load faster.

If you decide to use it, Fast Startup can cause some problems if you don't restart your computer regularly. This is because Fast Startup runs automatically when you shut down your computer, and the only way to make sure new files are loaded is to restart it.

Turning on Fast Startup


You can also choose to turn off Fast Startup by following the steps below.


Click the Start button.


In the search box, type 'control panel' then click the Control Panel icon.


Click Power Options. You might need to click into the Hardware and Sound section to find it.


Click Choose what the power buttons do on the left of the menu.


Click the Turn on fast start-up box to untick it, then click Save changes.

Hopefully, this is all the help you need. If the problem still isn’t fixed, click here to here to get in touch with one of our experts from Team Knowhow.

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