Staying safe when charging your phone

By Charlotte Parker 29 Sep 2017

If you've bought a replacement charger and it wasn't from the manufacturer, you may need to take a little extra care to stay safe. Most third-party accessories ae perfectly safe, but some dangerous kit can slip through – so here are some things to be careful with when you charge your phone.


Charging your phone


It's very rare, but occasionally a dodgy charger could catch fire while you're using it. Here's some general charging advice you should follow that could help prevent the worst damage:

  • Keep your phone on a flat and open surface, like a shelf or a table, while it's charging.
  • Charge your phone during the day or evening, where you can keep an eye on it, rather than while you sleep.
  • Don't put your phone under your pillow while it's charging, and generally keep it clear of flammable materials.

Checking the battery


On a rare occasion, your phone battery might start to fail. If you've noticed that your phone gets quite hot when you use it or charge it, you'll probably want to check the battery.

If it looks swollen or damaged at all, you should replace it as soon as you can – it could be dangerous to keep using it. But if you're at all worried, you can still take it in for a repair.


Hopefully that's you sorted – but if you need more help, you can get in touch with a Team Knowhow Expert here.

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