How to set up Samsung's parental controls


If you've got a child with a phone, or want to let them play with yours while you're not using it, setting up a 'kid mode' is a necessity. You can block access to certain apps, put restrictions on games and even prevent in-app purchases.

Samsung's Kids Mode app is their alternative to Android's own parental control features, and works on all modern Samsung phones. Read on to find out how to set up and customise Kids Mode on your kit.

Set up Samsung Kids Mode


Kids Mode is Samsung's alternative to Android's default parental controls. You can download Kids Mode from the Play Store if it's not installed already, then follow the steps below to get it set up.

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Find and tap the Kids Mode app icon.


The first time you open Kids Mode, you'll be asked to set a PIN. This prevents your kids from changing the parental control settings or accessing your apps.


On the next page, confirm your PIN to make sure you remember it.


Add some details for the child account. You can add a profile picture, a name, date of birth and gender for the new user. Tap Next when you're ready to continue.

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By default, your child can't access your contacts list. If you would like some of your contacts to be accessible, for example your partner or your work phone number, simply tap the dot next to their name to select them.


You'll now see a disclaimer warning that some apps and games may not be suitable for children, as well as advising that in-app purchases may still be accessible. Press OK to continue.


You can now pick which Google apps to make available in Kids Mode. Only a few select Google apps, and any apps you download from the Play Store or the Samsung app store can be made available to your kids.


Your child account has now been set up. Tap Finish to complete the wizard and start using Kids Mode.

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The first time you open Kids Mode, you'll see a dark overlay explaining how to navigate the app. When you're happy to move on, press the X in the top right corner to exit the overlay.


You'll now see all the app icons available to your child. You can browse through multiple pages of apps by swiping left or right. Tap on an app to open it.

Locked out of Kids Mode

You can reset your Kids Mode PIN number with either the Google or the Samsung Account currently signed in on the phone. Enter the wrong PIN number five times and you will be asked to log in. If you successfully sign in with your account details, you can set new PIN number for Kids Mode.

Set a daily playtime limit


Kids Mode can also allow access to apps and games for a limited time each day. This is perfect for letting your kids play games without it getting out of hand. Follow the steps below to set a daily access limit.

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Open the Kids Mode app and tap on the cog in the bottom-left corner.


On this settings page, you can view some activity information for your child. Tap on Daily playtime limit to choose how long your kids can play games.


You can choose a separate time limit for weekdays and weekends, by tapping on the relevant tab at the top of the screen. To set a time limit, press the cog icon.


Drag your finger around the screen to set a limit. You can choose up to three hours of gaming time per day.

Prevent Play Store purchases and in-app transactions


Using Kids Mode makes sure your child can only access content suitable for their age. You can go one step further and also prevent downloading paid-for apps and buying in-app purchases.

Google Play Store restrictions apply to the account on the phone, so you must remember to turn them off when you want to download your own apps again.

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Open the Play Store app.


Swipe your finger in from the left-hand edge of the screen to view the Play Store menu, then scroll down and tap on Settings.


Find and tap Require authentication for purchases. This forces you to enter your password for every purchase through the Play Store.


You can now choose whether you'll be asked for the password for every purchase, or just every 30 minutes. As this is for a child user, we recommend choosing For all purchases through Google Play on this device.

Hopefully, your Samsung is now protected by parental controls. If you need more help though, you can get in touch with an expert from Team Knowhow here.

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04 Sep 2017

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