Is it safe to dry wet clothes indoors?

By Martin Driver 17 Apr 2018
Drying Wet Clothes

We all do it, but there are reports that drying your washing indoors can cause illness or worsen breathing problems such as asthma.

This guide explains what you can do to stop it happening.

Is it safe to dry clothes indoors?


Drying clothes outside is always the best way, but doing it indoors is safe providing that moisture can escape properly.

The problem is that the water from drying clothes has to go somewhere. Indoors, this water can get trapped and cause mould to grow on your walls and roof.

Drying clothes in your home using a maiden

It’s important that you don’t let mould develop in your home, as it can lead to fungal infections and make respiratory illness worse.

Where should I dry my clothes?


The best place to dry clothes is outside, but obviously this isn’t always possible. When it’s wet outside, or you need to go out and can’t leave your clothes on the line, you can try these things:

Drying clothes indoors - dehumidifier

  • Dry clothes in an isolated, well ventilated room. A utility room is ideal if you have one - if not, use the bathroom and make sure the window is open or the extractor fan is on. Always keep the door closed too to keep moisture from escaping into the rest of the house.
  • Run a dehumidifier. If you’re drying a lot of washing in the house, a dehumidifier will help to cut down the amount of moisture in the air. Dehumidifiers work so well that it’s worth getting one, even if you just use it over the winter.
  • If you have one, use a tumble dryer when you can. Even doing a few loads in the dryer a few times a month can help reduce damp.
  • Run an extra spin cycle on your washer. Using a washing machine program with a longer spin cycle takes more water out of the clothes so they dry faster.

Hopefully that’s everything you need to know drying clothes indoors. If there’s anything you want to ask us, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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