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The 3310 is often the first phone to spring to mind when someone mentions the name Nokia – even 17 years after its original release. It was one of the first phones to have replaceable front and back covers, and remains one of the most iconic phones in the world.

Famous for its long battery life, durable build quality and the Snake game, we're keen to find out exactly what's changed and what's remained the same with the new Nokia 3310 v2.

Design & first impressions


The Nokia 3310 v2 looks similar to the original 3310 – but there are enough changes to make it feel like a brand new handset.

One of the first things I noticed on the new 3310 v2 is the camera mounted on the back – not something you would find on the original phone, but something that's almost a necessity in today's digital age.


The camera resolution might be a lot lower than what you'd expect from a top-end smartphone, but it's more than enough to snap some recognisable photos that are fit for sharing with your friends.

Unlike its predecessor, the 3310 v2 doesn't have a snap-on cover, meaning you can't change the colour of your phone after you've bought it – unless you only want to change the back cover of your phone, at least. For nearly all of us this won't be an issue, but for the purists who want the new model to be almost identical to the old one, this might cause some upset.

Inside the box, there’s a welcome surprise – a microUSB charging cable. The days of pushing a matchstick-sized power adaptor into your phone are thankfully over, and the cable you currently use to charge your smartphone will more than likely also work in your Nokia 3310 v2.

The 3310 v2 is almost half the weight of the original, even with the more colourful screen, rear camera and mobile internet connection – which just goes to show how far technology has come over the past 17 years. In fact, the phone is so small and light that it's easy to forget it's in your pocket.



The basics

  • Screen: 2.4in QVGA LCD
  • Memory: 16MB + microSD card (up to 32GB)
  • OS: Nokia Series 30+
  • Camera: 2MP rear camera
  • Dimensions: 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm
  • Weight: 79.6g
  • Battery: 1,200mAh


  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 2G


  • Pixels Per Inch (PPI): 167
  • Size: 2.4 inches
  • Display type: Polarised LCD

It comes as no surprise that the Nokia 3310 v2 doesn't have an HD screen, although the 2.4 inch colour LCD is certainly an upgrade from the monochrome display we were used to on the original 3310.

The screen is slightly polarised, which makes it much easier to see under bright light conditions, and is colourful enough to display your photos on – although it certainly won't be winning any awards for best LCD display.


The camera resolution is only 2 megapixels, which is quite a bit lower than what we've come to expect from modern phones – but fine for taking photos of tickets and other information you want to remember without writing down.

The benefit of taking low-resolution photos is that the filesize is low, and with only 16MB of storage you'll be thankful your pictures are so small! The storage space can be expanded with a microSD card to allow for more pictures and even music on your Nokia 3310 v2, but your photos will always be taken at 2 megapixel.

Battery life

One of the most popular features of the original Nokia 3310 was its incredible battery life, and the new 3310 v2 is no different. Boasting an impressive 31 days of standby time and 22 hours of non-stop talk time, you can take this phone on holiday or to a festival and not have to worry about charging while you're away.

The lack of HD screen, a low-resolution camera, no Wi-Fi, and lightweight operating system all contribute to the outstanding battery performance you can expect from the 3310 v2 – so if you're looking for a phone with all those features and a battery which lasts a full month you'll have to keep looking.

Otherwise, for a phone that makes and receives calls, texts and can browse the internet (albeit slowly), you can't expect much more from a 1,200mAh battery!

Nokai 3310 v2 3



As the Nokia 3310 v2 isn't a smartphone, the operating system isn't much to shout about! It's based on Nokia's Series 30+ operating system and runs smoothly on a fairly underpowered phone – but the real talking points are over what apps and tools are included and already installed.


Most importantly, the Nokia 3310 v2 comes with the classic game Snake preinstalled. Well, it's actually more like Snake 2 – and is quite a bit more colourful and responsive than its predecessor.

The aim of the game is still to move your snake around the screen, eating apples and avoiding your own tail. You can enjoy the game exactly how you remember it with the numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8 to control the direction your snake travels in, or you can now switch up your controls to give you a bit more freedom of movement on the playing field, with curved movement lines to make your snake move a bit more naturally.


There aren't many apps and tools preinstalled on the Nokia 3310 v2, but there are some useful ones hidden away in the 'Extras' menu.

You'll have access to a countdown timer and stopwatch, as well as a measurement converter which can find conversions for different weights, lengths, temperatures and more. You can even convert currencies if you enter the exchange rate in advance!

Probably the most useful tool on the phone is the torch function, which takes advantage of the LED flash found next to the camera. If you've ever been stuck looking for your keys in the dark or wanted to find the bathroom without turning the lights on, a torch will always come in handy!

Internet browser

The Nokia 3310 v2 might only have a 2.5G internet connection and a distinct lack of Wi-Fi, but it does still have the capacity to browse the internet using Opera Mini, a powerful and popular browser commonly found on phones but also found on games consoles like the Nintendo DS.

There are only basic controls for the Opera browser, with an address bar and a mouse cursor you can control with the direction pad just below the phone screen. It's perfectly suited to occasional browsing of sites like BBC News or checking your emails – but you won't be able to run sites like Netflix on it.

The verdict


Nokia's latest 3310 does have a lot going for it, from the impressive battery life to its light weight and slim form-factor. Switching back to a 'normal' phone from a smartphone can feel clunky though – and sending text messages feels like it takes a lot longer than it would on a touchscreen.

If you need a reliable phone to make and receive calls and texts, play some music and stay awake for weeks at a time you can't go wrong with the 3310 v2.

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