Make your home safer with smart tech (for £300)

By Martin Driver 01 Feb 2018

Smart tech makes a significant improvement to your home security.

You can see what’s going on inside when you’re away, receive notifications if a window opens, turn lights on when you’re out, and much more.

Everything we recommend here totals in at just over £300, gives you reassuring home security, and prepares it for other smart devices in the future. 



The hub is the centre of your smart home. It connects everything and lets you use a single app to control your devices.

You can use a smart speaker like Google Home or Amazon Echo, or a dedicated hub like the Samsung SmartThings Hub.


Samsung SmartThings Hub

For security, we recommend the SmartThings Hub as it makes it easy to link devices from different brands together.

It supports up to 99 devices too, so there’s loads of scope for additional sensors, cameras, and anything else you want to add in the future.

Samsung SmartThings Hub



A smart camera lets you see what’s going on inside your home from anywhere - just open the app to see a live stream on your phone.

You can receive a notification if movement or noise is detected in your house when you’re out, so you can quickly find out what’s going on.


Canary Home Security Camera

We’ve chosen the Canary All-in-One Smart Camera for its night vision mode, temperature monitoring, and two-way communication that lets you talk to people (or pets) when you’re away.

Canary All-In-One Smart Home Security Camera

Door & window sensors


Multi-sensors fit all types of doors and windows. They connect to your phone to let you know if one opens when you’re not home or when you’re in bed.

They can remind you if windows are open when you go to leave the house or connect them to smart bulbs to turn lights on as soon as you open the front door.


Samsung SmartThings Multi-Sensor

We’ve picked three Samsung SmartThings multi-sensors to cover your front and back doors, along with your living room window. If that’s not enough, you can add more as you need them.

Samsung SmartThings Multi-Sensor

Arrival sensors


Attach a presence or arrival sensor to your keys to turn lights on and deactivate your security devices when you get home.

You can set it up to turn all your security measures on when you leave the house too to automate all your home security.


Samsung SmartThings Presence Sensor

We’ve chosen one sensor, but everyone in your family can have one, so you can find out when people come and go.

Samsung SmartThings Presence Sensor



Smart bulbs allow lights to trigger sensors, timed programs, or a tap of your smartphone. They’re great for switching lights on when you’re away to make your home look occupied.

The Phillips Hue range has bulbs for every type of fitting, from desk lamps to room lighting.


Phillips Hue Starter Kit

The kit we’ve chosen has two E27 bulbs that fit many types of floor lights, so you can put one in your hallway and have it come on as soon as you walk through the door.

The second can be used in your bedroom and programmed to come on gradually in the morning to help you wake up.

It has a hub too, which supports up to 99 bulbs for any other bulbs and lights you want to add in the future.

Phillips Hue White Wireless Bulb Starter Kit

These things all work together to improve the security of your home along with adding smart convenience.

Plus, the SmartThings and Hue Hubs give you plenty of options to add to your smart home in the future too.

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