Keeping kids safe on YouTube

By Charlotte Parker 06 Feb 2018
youtube kids

You might have seen some scary things in the news about children being exposed to explicit and frightening videos on YouTube. We've put this guide together to help put your mind at rest, and make sure your kids aren't seeing anything they're not supposed to.


YouTube Kids


'YouTube Kids' is a great way to keep kids in an area of the app that's suitable for them. You can even get rid of the search option, stopping them from finding other videos that you might not want them to see. YouTube Kids isn't available for the desktop site, so you won't be able to use it on a laptop or desktop computer, so you'll have to download it onto a tablet or mobile phone.

When you first open the app, you get some control options straight away - it lets you control everything from the get go.

You can turn off things like search, auto-play and recommended videos, making it easier to monitor what your kids are watching.

There's a YouTube Kids Parental Guide which takes you through all the different settings.

We've got some tips on how to use the app below, but unforunately, the only 100%, fool-proof way to make sure the videos are appropriate is to watch them first.


Reporting inappropriate videos


Since these videos have come to the public's attention, YouTube has taken them very seriously. It's really easy to report a video or channel if you think it's not right.

If you don't want to wait for the content to be taken down, you can choose to block channels or videos so that they won't be available for the child to watch.




While every effort is being made to create an environment that's kid-friendly, there's always the odd flaw. Here's some that we think you should bear in mind.

  • Standard security in the app - to get to the settings, the app asks you to type in a number that's written on the screen. Of course, if your child is of reading age, then they'll be able to get into the settings. Setting your own passcode is much more secure.
  • Staying in the app - there's not really any way to stop the child from exiting the app while you're not looking. Make sure the device they're using is set up with a kids account, so that they won't be able to see all the other apps on it.
  • Age restrictions - the YouTube kids app lets you choose what age your child is, so that the Home screen videos are appropriate. If you've left the search feature on though, older videos can still get through in the results. To stop that happening, turn the search feature off.

Hopefully, that's made you feel a bit happier about letting your kids use YouTube Kids. If you've got any questions, you can get more help from Team Knowhow experts.

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