Get better at running with smart tech

By Martin Driver 07 Feb 2018

Whether you’re just trying to get healthier or you’re looking to improve your times, there’s a smart fitness device to help you get better at running.

We’ve found a few things that track all the essential data you need when training, so you can run smarter and focus on getting fitter and faster.

Fitness trackers


Smart fitness trackers are compact wearables that give you detailed information on your body at rest or when exercising.

You can see number steps taken, distance travelled, calories burnt, heart rate, and more.

You wear fitness trackers on your wrist or clip them to your clothes. They track the steps you take, calories burned, time running, and distance.

For running, it’s worth looking for one with a heart rate monitor, so you can make sure that you’re running efficiently and as hard as your body can manage. Heart rate monitors are a great way to check progress too, as you can monitor your resting heart rate lowering over the months as you run more.

Fitness trackers don’t usually have screens - you check your data later by syncing it with your phone or computer.

However, they have LED lights to let you know when you’re close to your step or distance goal for the day.

Is a fitness tracker right for me?

If you regularly run to improve your fitness and aren’t worried about lap or route times, they’re perfect.

Sport watches


Sports watches record the same data as fitness trackers but give you a lot more info when you’re out running.

They have screens to show you distance travelled, heart rate, calories burned, and loads of other stuff.

Some connect to your phone or have built-in GPS, which allows them to track your routes and compare times over a year so you can see how you’re progressing. 

They all connect to your phone too, so you can receive notifications and read messages on your wrist like a smartwatch.

Is a fitness watch right for me?

If you’re serious about fitness and want to monitor your progress and health on a run, they’re ideal.

Or, if you want detailed fitness tracking and smartwatch functionality, they’re a great combination of both.

Smart scales


Smart scales are a great way to monitor your fitness and health progress.

They keep a record of all your weigh-ins to give you a clear view of how you’re doing with weight loss or gain.

Some measure BMI too, which is a more accurate way to tell your overall health than weight alone.

The scales work with most of the fitness apps that trackers and watches use too so that you can see all of your data together for a complete view of your health.

All of these things help you get the best from your runs and improve your fitness in the most efficient way possible.

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