How to prepare your iPhone for trade-in

If you’ve got an ageing iPhone lying around, trading them in can help you earn a bit of extra cash – but there are a few things you'll need to do before you wave your device goodbye.

Trading in your old kit can be a great way of earning some extra money, but what about all the data on your handset? This is your personal data – and even though most organisations take great care to wipe devices before they're packaged up and sent on their way, it's better to have peace of mind in the first place!

With that in mind, we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you get your kit ready – and when you’re done, check out Team Knowhow’s Trade-in service to get an instant online quote for your old iPhone.

Backing up your iPhone data


Perhaps the most important thing you need to do before trading in your iPhone is to make sure you have all the personal information you want to keep – your pictures, messages, contacts and so on – safely backed up before resetting the device. To back up an iPhone you have two distinct options, both of which will perform a complete backup of your handset.

Apple's own iCloud backup service gives you up to 5GB of free storage to back up your phone, with larger capacities available at low rates. The advantage of iCloud backup is that it happens automatically every day – as long as your handset is plugged into power and connected to Wi-Fi with the screen is locked. Set up iCloud backup on your iPhone by going to Settings> iCloud > Backup, turning on your iCloud backup by tapping the switch.

iPhone backup 1
iPhone backup 2
iPhone backup 3
iPhone backup 4

If you'd rather manage backups yourself, or your backup size has outgrown your iCloud account, using iTunes on your PC or Mac will allow you to back up your iPhone to your computer. You'll need to remember to connect it in order to back up your phone – but you'll know your data is safely stored and accessible whenever you wish to restore it to another device.

If you need any more information on the process, we've put together a full guide to backing up your phone to your computer. Once your data is safely backed up, you're ready to reset your iPhone. 

Resetting your iPhone


The first step in resetting your iPhone before trade-in is removing your iCloud account, as nobody else will be able to use the phone until you've done so. 

iPhone reset 1
iPhone reset 2
iPhone reset 3
iPhone reset 4

On your iPhone's home screen, tap Settings.


In thet Settings menu, find and tap on iCloud.


Scroll to the bottom of your iCloud settings, then tap Sign out.


A pop-up notice will let you know which services will no longer be available once you've removed the account. To continue, tap Sign out.


Depending on which features of iCloud you used, you may be asked about removing certain data from your iPhone or keeping it on there. Tap to make your choice – but bear in mind that if you plan to reset your phone after removing the iCloud account, it won't matter which option you choose!


Finally, to complete the removal of your iCloud account and turn off the 'Find My iPhone' service, enter your iCloud password and tap Turn Off.

Now that your iCloud account has been removed, it's time to reset the phone, clearing your data from it in the process. 

Reset iPhone 5
Reset iPhone 6
Reset iPhone 7
Reset iPhone 8

From the home screen, tap Settings.


In the Settings menu, tap General.


Scroll to the bottom and tap Reset.


You'll now see various options for resetting your iPhone. To remove all of your data, tap Erase All Content and Settings


To complete the reset, enter your passcode if requested, then tap Erase iPhone.

An Apple logo will appear shortly after you start the reset process. You've successfully erased your iPhone, ready for trade-in – and for a great price on that old kit, why not take a look at Team Knowhow's own trade-in service

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