How to fix HTC One M8 audio issues


If there's no sound coming from the bottom speaker – you might think it’s a device fault that'll need fixing by an expert. But the good news is that it seems to be a common problem on One M8 handsets – and there could be an easy answer.

What's the problem with HTC One M8 audio?


Some One M8 users who use a certain version of the Chrome browser have found they’ve got audio problems. If you get any of the issues below, we might have a fix for you:

  • Audio only plays from the top speaker when playing music or video
  • Adjusting the volume while playing music or video changes the in-call volume instead of the media volume
  • When you adjust the volume, the sound level doesn't change
  • The previous wired headset volume level is used and cannot be adjusted

What's causing the problem?


It seems that Chrome forces your device to use the ‘in-call’ volume rather than the ‘media’ volume, making it seem like your device isn’t actually playing any sound.

How can you fix it?


1. Open Chrome and close the tab that contains the embedded media. You can also do that by going to Chrome > Settings menu (3 vertical dots) > Close all tabs.

2. Tap the Recent Apps button (right of the Home button) and swipe up on the Chrome process to end it.

After performing the workaround, the volume adjustment function will switch back to ‘media’ after approximately 5 seconds.

Google should also have released a new version of its Chrome browser that fixes this issue, so check on the Google Play Store to see if you have an update available to install. Once you’ve done that – the problem should be sorted. 

Hopefully that's you sorted, but if you're still having problems, you can get in touch with an expert from Team Knowhow here

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