Fixing Hotmail or Outlook accounts that aren't working in Windows Live Mail


If you are using Windows Live Mail 2011 or 2012 with a Hotmail, Live or Outlook account and are seeing server error '3219' or error code '0x8DE00005', we've written some steps to show you how to fix it.

These errors happen because Microsoft have stopped some email services. Any email accounts that used those service will need to be backed up, removed, and then set up again.

Fixing the problem


Although this might seem like a complicated process, we've broken it down into these three easy steps.

Step 1: Backing up your email


Your email might already be backed up online. Log into your account at, and check if your email and folders are showing . If they are, there's no need to back up, and this will all be downloaded back to your computer when the account is set up again.

If your email is not showing online, you'll need to manually back it up.

Step 2: Removing the account


Open Windows Live Mail on your computer - if you see any error messages, close them.


Right-click the account name in the left-hand column.


Click Remove account.


Click Yes to remove the account.

Step 3: Setting up the account


Click the Accounts tab at the top of the screen.


Click the +@ Email button.


On the 'Add your email accounts' page, tick the box next to Manually configure server settings, and then click Next.


Choose IMAP as the server type.

In the 'incoming server settings' type the following:

  • Server address:
  • Port: 993
  • Require a secure connection: tick this box
  • Log-in username: your full email address


In the 'outgoing server information' type these settings: 

  • Server address:
  • Port: 587
  • Require a secure connection: tick this box
  • Require authentication: tick this box



Click Next > Click Finish.


Click the Home tab at the top of the screen, and then Send/Receive.


In the pop-up menu, type your email password.


Tick the box next to Remember Password, and click OK.

Your account will start to download all your emails and folders.

Hopefully, that's all the help you need. If the problem still isn’t fixed though, click here to get in touch with one of our Team Knowhow Experts.

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