5 things to do with your new PlayStation 4

By Steve Thomson 16 Mar 2018
what to do with playstation 4

Now that your PlayStation’s up and running, it’s time to start using it! Yes, it's a games console, but it's much more than just a one-trick pony. Here are a few ideas to get you going.


Download a game from the Store


Visit the PlayStation Store to choose from over 1700 games, many of which are free. You’ll need a PlayStation Network (PSN) account to download one, but it’s free to sign up if you’re new to PlayStation.

There’s a game type for almost everyone, including adventure and role-playing games, sports action, shooters and fighting games. They update in the background too, so your favourite titles will be ready to play the moment you are.


Join PlayStation Plus


Gaming on your own can be fun but for many, online multiplayer action is the ultimate challenge. With a PlayStation Plus subscription added to your PSN account, you can test your skills against millions of players from around the world.

Multiplayer gaming lets you join forces with friends (and complete strangers) to lift trophies and take down foes, all without leaving the comfort of your living room.

As a bonus, you get two full games every month for free (past months have included titles like Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain), as well as exclusive discounts on a range of titles each month.


ps4 controller

Watch movies, TV and video


The PS4 isn’t just a games console but an entertainment hub for the whole family. It’ll play Blu-Ray discs and DVDs (that’s another piece of kit you can move out of the way), but you’re not just limited to the physical media you have at home.

In the TV and Video section of the PS4, you’ll see shortcuts for your favourite free and paid streaming services. Click one to download I from the PS Store, then sign in to the app to view your favourite content.

Check out the must-see episodes showcased in the ‘Featured titles’ list to see what you might be missing. Don’t forget that streaming services often have free trials available, so if something catches your eye, check to see if there’s a free trial for that service.


Share your progress


When you lift the World Cup, take the objective or rescue the Princess, you’ll feel like shouting from the rooftops to tell the world what you’ve just done. So why not do it digitally instead?

The ‘Share’ button on your PS4 controller is used to take screenshots and save video clips to the ‘Image Gallery’, and share them with your social media followers. The PS4 constantly records your play (it always has the last 15 minutes of action on tap), and movie clips are made from the highlights of your latest game.

To control the video clip’s content yourself, double-tap the Share button to start and stop the video recording. You can decide exactly what to include, which is handy if there’s a specific scene you’d like to save.

Add a Twitch or YouTube account to your PS4, and you’ll get options to live-stream your gameplay (without commentary if you’re shy) through the Share menu.


Listen while you play


Spotify is one of the most widely used music streaming platforms, and their app blends smoothly with the PlayStation’s operating system. Games often have extensive soundtracks, but they’re not always to everyone’s tastes. The good news is that many developers let you turn the background music off through the game’s settings.

Go to PlayStation Music on the menu bar, then click the Spotify icon to download the app. Log in with your Spotify username & password (it’ll work fine with both free and premium Spotify accounts) or create a new one to try the service out.

After you’ve set the app up, press the PS button on your controller for a couple of seconds to open the Quick Menu, and choose Spotify. The app won’t open, but you’ll see a small player built into the Quick Menu instead. Listen to your playlists, or try one of Spotify’s own through their gaming hub.

It’s a super-helpful feature if you spend many hours playing a single game, because however good the original soundtracks are, they can get a bit repetitive after the tenth or twelfth time.

Hopefully that's given you a few ideas to try out, but you can always get in touch with an expert from Team Knowhow if you'd like some more help.

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