Five essential accessories for your new PC or laptop


Your new computer’s up and running, so what comes next? It’s time to accessorise! There are all kinds of ways to expand your kit’s abilities and make it even more useful – so here’s our pick of the five most essential add-ons for your new computer.




If your new computer’s a desktop, it’ll probably already come with a mouse – but if you’ve got a laptop, it’s more likely to come with a trackpad.

Now, trackpads are all well and good, but we reckon a mouse is much more comfortable to use – particularly if you’re using your laptop at home, or for long periods of time. And if you plan to use your computer for gaming, a mouse is more or less essential! 

At the budget end of the market, this Advent AMWL 13 Wireless Optical mouse is an excellent choice for just £9.99. Its compact size and wireless operation make it a great option for laptops. 

Splash a little more, though, and you can get even more features. The Logitech M545 Wireless Mouse clocks in at  £22.99, and comes with extra customisable thumb buttons and a dual-axis scroll wheel for even more control.




Again, if your computer’s a desktop, it probably already comes with a monitor, and it’d be next to useless without one.

But although not essential, it’s a very useful thing to have for a laptop – particularly if your machine is on the smaller side, and it’s your only computer at home. Gaming, movies and web browsing all benefit from a larger screen that lives on your desk – just unplug your laptop to take it with you on the go. 

These days, you can get a great full HD monitor for less than £100 – like this 21.5” LED monitor from AOC for £84.99

For a little more, you could enjoy something like this slim, curved-screen 24” Samsung C24F396 for £129.99.

Ultimately, though, the best option will depend on your budget, space and other requirements – so why not take a look through the full Currys range to find something that works for you?




For most laptops, the speakers are little more than an afterthought: they’re tinny and weak, with little bass to speak of. 

While this might be good enough for the odd Skype call or watching a few videos when you’re on the go, but it’s no way to do justice to your favourite music or TV shows. For that reason, we’d always recommend a decent set of speakers. 

If your laptop supports the technology, then a set of Bluetooth-powered speakers is an excellent option. These are conveniently wireless – and you can also pair them up with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet for more flexibility. There are tons of options on the market – this chunky JBL GO is a great deal for just £19.99.

If portability is less important, USB speakers are another great option. These need to be plugged into your computer whenever you want to use them – but they often give you more options for positioning and can add subwoofers for better bass response.

On that note, the Edifier XM6 2.1 is a great USB option that includes a subwoofer for just £69.99 – and at the budget end of the market, this pair of Advent speakers clock in at just £12.99.

Finally, a speaker might not necessarily be the best option for you – wired or wireless headphones are another good choice for use on the go.  




These days, loads of people communicate through Skype and other similar video-calling programs. But to get the most out of them – and share your face with your loved ones - you’ll need a webcam.

Most laptops these days come with a camera built in, just above the screen. But if you’ve got a desktop, you’ll need to supply one. If you make a lot of calls, you might even choose to upgrade your laptop’s built in camera for something with better picture quality!

If that’s you, this Logitech Pro C920 webcam, at £69.99, can shoot in full HD – putting it well beyond most built-in webcams. 

As a budget pick, Logitech’s C170 camera might not have the same resolution – but with a built-in microphone, it’s all you need to make quick calls with your friends and family. 


Gaming controllers


Finally, if you plan to use your new computer for gaming – and you’ve got absolutely no reason not to! – it may be worth picking up some kind of game controller. 

These days, PC gaming is more popular than ever, and a genuine alternative to consoles – but to make the most of it you’ll want a gamepad. Microsoft’s Xbox One Wireless Gamepad, coming in at £49.99, is fully compatible with Windows 10. 

That should see you right for most games. But if you’ve got a particular passion for driving games, you might even choose to pick up something like the Thrustmaster Ferrari 548 Italia Racing Wheel. And if flight simulators are more your thing, something like the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro will help you take to the skies. 

Finally, if you’re a bit new to the world of PC gaming, you might be wondering what to play. But fear not! Every month, we put together a selection of the best free PC games – take a look through yourself and you’re sure to find something fun. 


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