Stay safer online using Facebook's privacy settings

By Steve Thomson 06 Feb 2018
facebook privacy settings

Facebook is great for sharing thoughts, memories and media, but have you ever checked just what you’re sharing, and who with?

If you need some help keeping your online life in order, Facebook’s Privacy settings are on hand to keep you safe.

Privacy Check-up


An essential check-up to find out who can see your posts and other stuff.

  • Web: Help > Privacy Check-up
  • iOS/Android: Menu > Privacy Shortcuts > Privacy Check-up

Choose a default setting for who sees your posts. If you want to, you can change it each time before you post.

See which apps have access to your account, and delete ones you don’t use anymore. The fewer apps that can see your details, the safer your Facebook account will be.

Pick who can see personal stuff, like your phone number and email address, to keep your details as private as you like.

Privacy Shortcuts


These go a bit further than the Check-up, and can help you understand what other people see when they look at your profile.

  • Web: Help > Privacy Shortcuts
  • iOS/Android: Menu > Privacy Shortcuts

There’s another chance to change who sees your posts, and a link to the Activity Log showing all your posts and actions.

Untag yourself if others have tagged you, hide things from your timeline or delete them completely.

You can pick who can send you friend requests, and also block someone to stop them seeing your posts and contacting you.


Privacy Settings


The main privacy settings cover everything we’ve already mentioned, but in even more detail.

  • Web: Down Arrow > Settings
  • iOS/Android: Menu > Privacy Shortcuts > More Settings

privacy settings

The settings still cover areas like Privacy and Tagging, but with more control over exactly what you're sharing.

Facebook also has some useful information on their Privacy Basics page, with some helpful tips about staying safe online.

Hopefully, that's given you some ideas about how to take control of your Facebook privacy settings, but if you'd like to speak to an expert from Team Knowhow, get in touch with us.

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