Cloud Storage - How to restore your files


Whether you’ve accidently saved over a file, or you’ve got a new computer and you need to recover everything, this page takes you through what to do.

If you have a question, try our Cloud Storage FAQ - chances are we cover it there.

To restore a file, follow the steps below:


Tap Restore at the top of the screen.To restore lost files from an old or damaged computer, click from Backup. If you saved you files directly to the Cloud, press from Online drive.


You’ll see a list of all the devices you’ve backed up from. Click View Files to move browse all the folders you backed up.


Find the file or folder you want to recover and press Restore


Choose the period you want to recover files from:

  • The latest version of all files is the last time they were backed up. If you’re recovering data to a new computer, this is the easiest option.
  • The most recent version of all files on… lets you choose older versions of files. This is great if your computer had a virus or you accidently saved over files a while ago.


Decide where on your computer you want to restore the file to. If you’re recovering to a new computer, you’ll need to choose a new location.


If you’re recovering a folder, you’ll be asked what to do about files that already exist on your computer:

  • Skip files won’t recover files that already exist
  • Keep the newest files makes sure that you have the latest versions and won’t replace them if the backup is older. Don’t use this if your computer has had a virus
  • Overwrite anyway replaces any existing files with the backup. Use this if you’re recovering your computer after a virus attack


This screen shows you how long the restoration will take and how well it’s doing.


When it finishes, press Click to open report to see which files were restored. You can press View restored files to open them on your computer too.

Hopefully we’ve helped you recover your files. If there’s anything we can help you with, you can find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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