Cloud Manager by Team Knowhow - Using It


This guide shows you the basics of using Cloud Manager by Team Knowhow.

When you're done here, you'll know how to organise your files, move them between drives, and download them to your phone or computer.

If you haven’t set up your account yet, you can find out how here.

Home screen


The first thing you’ll see when you log in is the Home screen, which gives you access to all of your files and options. You can find out what each icon does below.

The Home screen gives you access to the different folders that your files are saved in.

As you add new files to your Cloud storage accounts, they'll automatically appear in the corresponding folders here.

If files aren't appearing, just pull the screen down to refresh all of the drives.


Along with showing all of the photos you’ve uploaded to your accounts, you can see all of the pictures stored on the phone or tablet you’re using. You can then move photos to and from the Cloud by tapping them.


Like the Photos section, you can see all of the videos you’ve uploaded to your Cloud accounts and download them to your current device. You can play a video directly from the app by tapping the one you want to watch, or download it by pressing the download icon in the options bar.


Any audio files you upload appear in the Music section, so you’ll find all of your songs, podcasts, audiobooks, and voice recordings here. You can download and upload them the same way as other files using the buttons at the top of the screen.


The Documents section stores all of your word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation files. If you upload something that doesn’t fit into the other sections (like a project file from design software), it’ll appear in Documents.


The Folders menu shows how your folders are organised within Cloud Manager. You can see your files by tapping through the folders, or create new ones to keep your documents tidy and easy to find.


You can mark any of your files as ‘favourites’ by tapping the star in the options bar. When you do, you can see them all together regardless of their file type or when they were uploaded.


The Settings menu lets you change your password, choose how often your files upload, and add new accounts and devices. Just tap the option you want to change and choose the settings you want to use.

Open the Settings menu by pressing the cog in the top right corner of the screen.

Viewing your files


All of the different menus are laid out in the same way, with each one being split into three sections:

  • List: shows the name of the file and a small picture 
  • Thumbs: just shows a thumbnail picture

  • Timeline: lets you organise or filter your files by their upload data

If you click a picture, video, or document, the options bar appears at the top of the screen.

Any options that aren’t available are greyed out, although you’ll always be able to favourite, copy, and share your files.

Cloud Manager options

  1. Delete: permanently removes documents from your Cloud storage drive.
  2. Favourites: adds (or removes) files from your favourites.
  3. Download: saves the file onto your device.
  4. Copy: copies your document to another drive without deleting from the original.
  5. Move: moves the file from one Cloud drive to another.
  6. Share: lets you share your files with other people.
  7. Rename: changes the name of the document.

Hopefully we've covered everything you want to know about using Cloud Manager by Team Knowhow.

But, if you'd like to speak to someone, you can always contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here.

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