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If you’re having trouble using the Folders section, you’ll find some tips here.

About folders


The Folders menu lets you see the files and folders stored in each of your Cloud accounts.

You’ll only see the documents you’ve uploaded to that specific folder, but you can still download, share, and do everything else you can from the other options.

Folders are useful for keeping track of where you’ve stored documents, or for finding a file you’ve got saved in an account without others getting in the way.

Viewing your Folders


The Favourites menu is split into two sections. Both show all of your files, they just display them slightly differently.

To switch between them, just swipe the screen or tap the title.

  • List: shows the name and a small preview of the document (where possible). They’re organised in the order that the were uploaded.

  • Thumbs: just shows a preview of the file. They appear in the order that they were uploaded.

Using the Options bar


Whenever you click on a file, the pink options bar appears above it.

Any options that aren’t available are greyed out, although you’ll always be able to favourite/un-favourite, copy, and share your files.

Cloud Manager Options Bar

  1. Delete: permanently removes documents from your Cloud storage drive.
  2. Favourites: adds (or removes) files from your favourites.
  3. Download: saves the file onto your device.
  4. Copy: copies your document to another drive without deleting from the original.
  5. Move: moves the file from one Cloud drive to another.
  6. Share: lets you share your files with other people.
  7. Rename: changes the name of the document.

If you're still having problems with Cloud Manager, you can contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here and we'll help you out.

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