Keeping children happy & safe with smart tech


In this guide, we take a look at the different ways you can use the latest tech to keep an eye on your little ones and keep older children entertained.

Baby monitors


Baby monitors have come on a long way since the old walkie-talkie types from a few years ago.

You can check up on your child from your phone, talk to them, and even receive notifications if they’re upset or the room temperature changes.

There are a few different versions currently available, including rechargeable cameras you can take anywhere and ones you can move around using a parent unit.

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Smart scales


Keeping an eye on your baby’s weight is an important way to track development, particularly in the early stages.

Rather than wait for healthcare appointments to see how they're doing, a smart baby scale gives you instant visibility of their weight.

They’re easy to use, just weigh yourself first then pick up your baby and scale works out the difference to show their weight.

They’re not just for babies either - you can keep using them yourself well after your child doesn’t need regular weighing.

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Smart trackers


Losing precious toys and stuffed animals can make a great day turn sour in seconds.

Attaching a smart tracker to a beloved teddy or child’s bag can make finding lost items simple.

They connect to your phone, so if something disappears, open the app to find out exactly where it is.

Some allow you to set alerts if the tracker travels too far from your phone, so you can even rely on it to stop you leaving things at home or in the car too.

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Light projectors


Light projectors can improve a whole household's sleep.

If your child’s struggling to calm down at night, a light projector can help them relax at bedtime and keep them calm if they wake up scared.

They have soothing sounds, relaxing lights, and let you speak to them through your phone if they want to hear your voice without you needing to get up.

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Smart toys & gadgets


If you’re teaching your child about technology, smart toys are a fun way to learn.

You can drive cars using motion control, use facial expressions to control robots, fly drones from your phone, and much more.

There are loads of gadgets to make life easier too, like smart luggage with built-in tracking.

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Raspberry Pi


For older children looking to get into programming, Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that teaches the basics of computer language and electronics.

If your family’s interested in making robots, designing programs, or figuring out how computers work, it’s an affordable place to start.

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