Carrying your phone in your pocket


If you're worried that keeping your phone in your pocket might be a health risk, or if you're worried about damaging it, here are a few tips.


Keeping your phone in your pocket


One of the reasons you might not want to keep your phone in your pocket is that it could get scratched or damaged if you accidentally sit on it, or if you have other things in your pocket, like keys or coins. A case will usually protect it from these types of minor damage, but it can't always protect against bending if you accidentally sit on it.

Some people might be worried about radiation that the phone puts out. All electrical devices put out some radiation, and with phones having things like Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, they can put out a bit more than other types of kit. The actual risk to health is still up for debate, but the American FCC (Federal Communications Committee) guidelines suggest that a phone shouldn't be closer than 15mm to the body.


Carrying your phone


Another option if you don't want to keep your phone in your pocket is to use a belt clip, or holster. It'll make sure you have your phone with you, and also protect it from getting scratched by coins or keys that might be in your pocket.


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