Top 5 games for your new iPhone

By Dan Plummer 08 Feb 2018
top iphone games

If you've got a new iPhone, here's our top five games to get started.

Alto's Adventure




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alto's adventure

Alto's adventure is a charming, relaxing, 'endless runner' style game that will keep you busy and occasionally provide a tricky challenge to keep you engaged. You take on the role of Alto (or some of his friends) and attempt to get as far as you can down a ski slope.

You'll have various challenges to attempt on each run, such as performing tricks or reaching a certain distance, and they'll get harder and harder as you progress. Every attempt has a bunch of obstacles you have to try and avoid too. If you hit a rock, you'll be sent tumbling and have to restart, so you need to learn to time your jumps to stay on your board. There are also chasms to avoid and a lot of chances to grind along walls and bunting to earn extra points.

After a little while, you'll also run into 'Elders', who will chase you down and end your run if they catch you. Thes Elders are faster than you, so you'll have to try and grind, bounce and jump to make sure you stay ahead of them. 

Alto's adventure is best played with headphones in, as the soundtrack, artwork and general style are all perfectly designed to help you relax and unwind. You might get frustrated at some of the trickier challenges, but you'll never get tired of the charm.

The GO Trilogy


Square Enix Inc

£9.99 bundle or sold separately

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Deus Ex GO

The GO Trilogy of games from Square Enix offers a great way to experience some classic gaming franchises in an interesting way on your mobile. Taking the Hitman and Deus Ex series from a full console version to mobile is tricky, and the GO series accomplishes it in a unique way.

The apps are played like board games - each level is a grid, and on each turn, you can move one square across the board. You'll find enemies on some squares, and some will stay where they are, while others will move with you, so you have to try a few different paths to get around them. As the series has progressed, the enemies and puzzles have gotten more intricate and feature more parts - with Deus Ex GO featuring many new skills and abilities you can use to get past the levels. 

Each of the game's levels are short, but entertaining. This is the perfect game for those small pick up and play moments, but equally you can get stuck into it for hours going through each level and finding all the hidden bits (there's a lot). You can buy all three games as a pack, or get them individually for a cheaper price.

Reigns: Her Majesty


Devolver Digital


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reigns her majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty is a sequel to the fantastic original, and brings some new stories and gameplay that build on the first game's premise. You are the ruler of a kingdom, and all your decision making is done using very simple yes or no answers to all questions posed to you. In Reigns, you’ll have to strike a perfect balance between the Church, your People, your Army and your money. The gameplay is simple: a card is presented to you with a choice of actions, and you swipe it left or right to choose how you want to proceed. You get a base set of cards to begin with and as you progress through the game you will unlock more cards which can take the game along many winding twists and turns.

Most of the choices will have you giving resources to one particular faction over another. You can spend money on making great soldiers who can protect your country, who then might use their power to overthrow you. If you listen to men of science to make medicine to cure your people, the church may end up hanging you for heresy. The trick to surviving is keeping all the factions in check, and you're rewarded for how long your reign as Queen lasts.

Each time you die or are dethroned, time moves on and you can try again as the successor. Depending on the choices you make you might also come across many side stories and quests that take you on a very different path. The sequel also adds an inventory system allowing you to add powerups to cards, and has a bunch of 'Royal objectives' that you can try and accomplish before your reign is over.

Reigns: Her Majesty is a fantastic game that you can pick up and play any time for a quick session, or get truly stuck in and lost in for hours.

Space Team


Henry Smith


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space team

Space Team is all about quick reflexes and communication, and you'll need at least one friend to play it. The idea is simple - you're part of a space team onboard a ship, and something has gone horribly wrong. Your ship is malfunctioning, and will require a lot of pressing buttons, switches, levers and more to keep yourselves alive.

You start off by pairing the app with your team - between 2 and 4 players can take part. Once paired together in the session, you'll each have responsibilities for different parts of the ship that will need repairing. The twist is that each of you isn't told what buttons to press on your own device - instead, you'll be shown commands that the others have to press... and the only way to tell them is to quickly shout it out and hope someone on your team finds the button fast enough.

This quickly descends into super-fun chaos as you're blinding shouting "Set Omegasphere to 5!" while listening out for any buttons or dials you need to change. It's good fun, and if you've got a few mates round it's definitely one to give a go.

Monument Valley


UsTwo Games Ltd.

£6.99 bundle or sold separately

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monument valley

This is one of those games that really pushes the boundaries of making a game look good: it’s not the hardest or most challenging game, but it features some unique design tweaks that make it look fantastic. Each of the levels is intricate, and provides a great sense of satisfaction when you complete one.

You take on the role of a princess in the first game, or mother and daughter in the second, and must go through environments that are a mixture of mazes and optical illusions. Every part is designed to challenge you and force you to think hard about what pieces go where to reach the end of the level. You don't need to get the first game to get started, both offer a unique adventure that's worth playing. The only downside is that you might finish the games quite quickly – but you’ll have a lot of fun while playing them.

Hopefully, you'll have a good starter pack of games to get yourself going, but these are just a start - head to the App Store and you'll find millions more waiting for you.

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