The best iPhone and iPad apps and games: October 2017


Every month, we scour the App Store to bring you an outstanding selection of apps and games for your iPhone or iPad – and these are our picks for October.


From a simple but powerful to-do list to some bone-crunching American football action, we’ve put together a fantastic selection of treats for your iOS device this October.



iOS already comes with a pretty handy Reminders app built-in – but if you’re a particularly busy person, you’ll love the features Todoist brings to the table.

Where the native Reminders app limits you to one indiscriminate list, Todoist lets you have multiple ‘Projects’, each serving as its own to-do list. By default, these include ‘Personal’, ‘Shopping’, ‘Work’ and ‘Errands’ – but you can add (or remove) as many as you like to suit your needs.

You can also tag each item on your list with a date and time for a reminder, as well as a custom colour for even more organisational possibilities. And for the hyper-organised, you can even give an item ‘child’ tasks – making it easy to break big jobs down into smaller goals. Finally, if you work as part of a team (or even a well-organised family!) you can share and collaborate on tasks with other Todoist users.

All told, it’s a fantastic way to get organised – so if you rely on the Reminders app to sort out your life, why not see if Todoist can make your day even easier?


Pic Collage


Cardinal Blue

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If you’re anything like us, you love snapping and sharing pics on your iPhone – and this fun and creative collage app makes it even more fun to do so.

The ‘Grids’ function is pretty self-explanatory: it lets you lay out a selection of pics from your phone in a flexible grid-based layout. You’ll be able to position your pictures just the way you like, pan and zoom them into the perfect position, then use a slider to control the thickness of the border.

The ‘Cards’ mode is a little more sophisticated, allowing you to enhance your collages with seasonal and themed frames, along with stickers and other decorations to really make them your own.

Finally, ‘Freestyle’ mode, as the name implies, lets you go entirely off-grid – piling up pictures, stickers and other images in whatever haphazard way you like.

Whichever mode you choose, you’re bound to come up with something fun to share with your loved ones – or your Instagram followers!




Colin Lane Games AB

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American football has never quite caught on in the UK – but this silly, physics-based take on the sport is well worth a look for a spot of bone-crunching fun. Best of all, you don’t need to know anything about the ‘proper’ game to enjoy it!

In Touchdowners, two teams of three face off on a 2D field of play, with the familiar oval ball in the middle. All you need to do is shepherd the ball to the opposite side to score a touchdown – but in this manic game, that’s easier said than done.

There are only three buttons – move left, move right and throw the ball – and you control all your players at once. But the chaos comes as your intrepid team collide with their opponents, resulting in a frantic and fast-paced clash for supremacy.

In your first few games, the outcome comes down to luck – but behind the madness, there’s a satisfying skill-based game of well-judged passing and running to get to grips with. But even the casual player can enjoy Touchdowners’ colourful and chaotic tangle of grass, limbs and footballs!


Sandbox Coloring


Alexy Grigorkin

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In recent years, ‘adult’ colouring books have risen to surprising popularity as more and more people discover how relaxing they can be – and so, it was natural that we’d see digital versions. Sandbox is a great example, with an easy-to-use interface and charming ‘pixel art’ style.

In fact, this app is about as relaxing as it gets. It’s actually a paint-by-numbers app – so you don’t even have to fret over which shades to use for its designs. 

OK, so it’s not the most creative app in the world, and those looking to truly express themselves are likely to be disappointed. But the smooth, unobtrusive interface means mistakes are rare and frustrations minimal. 

As such, it’s a great way to snatch a few moments of calm in your busy day – and it’s also a shoo-in for keeping younger family members entertained. 


Pathos: Nethack Codex


Callan Hodgskin

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Pathos: Nethack Codex

Some mobile games are happy to sacrifice complexity for ease-of-use – but Pathos makes no such concessions! It’s a faithful mobile adaptation of the long-running ‘roguelike’ dungeon-crawler Nethack – and if you’ve been craving an iOS game with depth, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

You’ll start by creating a character from a range of races and classes – we’re fond of Half-Orc Barbarians – before plunging down into a randomly generated dungeon to recover the mythical Amulet of Yendor. 

The action is turn-based, giving you all the time you need to consider your moves – and with threats ranging from hidden traps to starvation, you’ll need every ounce of your wits about you to survive. And that’s before you even reach the monsters! 

It’s a staggeringly complex game, with tons of strategy to consider – and there’s no way it could be described as user-friendly. But if you’re already familiar with ‘vanilla’ Nethack, you’re a fan of the roguelike genre in general or you’re just up for a genuine challenge, Pathos has enough action-packed content to keep you playing for months. 


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