The best Android apps and games: September 2017


Every month, our experts bring you the choicest selection of new apps and games to help you get more from your Android phone or tablet – and we've got some fantastic selections for you this September.

This month, we've got a handy tool for DIY, some artistic apps for the creative types and, of course, a couple of fun and challenging games. Best of all, they're all entirely free – so read on to find out what we've got in store.


This month's best apps and games


Tiny Putt


Colton Curtis

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Teeing things off this month we’ve got Tiny Putt – a simple but very well executed game of mini-golf.

The controls are simple: just drag your finger around in a circle to aim your shot, then use another long press to set the power of your putt. With any luck, the ball will go hurtling towards the hole – but it’s easier said than done!

As games go, this is about as simple as it gets. But Tiny Putt makes the most of its minimalism, with its simple colour scheme brought to life by a dynamic ‘wobbly line’ animation style. And because it’s not using fancy 3D graphics, it should work on just about any Android device, no matter how old.  

While the mechanics might be simple, some very tricky level layouts mean this isn’t a walk in the park – or, for that matter, on the fairway! Accessible and challenging in equal parts, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a straightforward game to while away some quiet moments.


Bubble Level


Antoine Vianey

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Bubble Level

One of the incredible things about smartphones is how they’re able to combine loads of separate tools into one handy package. Our phones are also our cameras, our calculators and even our torches!

For iPhone users, that list also includes the spirit level – a very handy DIY tool for checking whether a surface is entirely flat. The iPhone’s ‘Compass’ app has long featured a spirit level function, but Android lacks anything similar.

Enter Bubble Level. There’s not too much to say about this one: it does exactly what it says on the tin. But if you’ve got some DIY to do – or you’re just possessed by a burning curiosity about whether you living room shelves are really as level as they could be – this free app is definitely worth adding to your virtual toolbox.


Flip Master


There aren’t many Android apps that come with a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer – but in this case, it’s well deserved!

In this hilarious trampolining game, you’ll need to build up your bounces and do as many flips and rotations in mid-air as possible. Chaining flips, jumps and tricks together will score you more points, but be careful not to mess up your landing – crash down on your head or front, and it’s game over!

There’s a lot of skill required to get a decent score – but while the gameplay is pretty compelling in its own right, a big portion of the fun comes from watching your character’s wacky and highly dangerous movements! The ‘ragdoll’ animation style makes collapsing into a crumpled heap almost as much fun as pulling off an incredible stunt.

High scores will earn you coins to unlock new moves and better trampolines, and you can use in-app purchases to speed things along – but there’s more than enough content here to have tons of acrobatic fun without spending a penny.




If you’ve ever enjoyed the patterns and colours of a kaleidoscope, you’ll get a real kick out of Fraksl – a fun, free way to generate stunning animated patterns on your Android phone.

It’s not really a game, nor is it a particularly useful application, but there’s something strangely compelling about swiping around on your screen to produce dizzying, ever-shifting arrangements of shape and colour.

Pictures don’t really do this one justice: it really has to be seen in motion for the true effect. But if you’ve been looking for a source of colourful new backgrounds for your phone or tablet, Fraksl is a great way to generate them!

It’s also a fantastic way to keep kids entertained – but truly, anyone can enjoy the hypnotic patterns and vivid colours colours of this unusual little time-waster.




Finally this month, DailyArt is a great little app which simply presents you with a new painting to look at every single day – alongside some interesting commentary by the app’s curator, Zuzanna Stanska.

There’s a lot of variation in styles and eras, but on the whole the app focuses on portraits, most often from the late 19th or early 20th century. As such, you can expect to see famous and lesser-known works by artists like Paul Cézanne, Edvard Munch and Édouard Manet.

The commentary isn’t overly dry or academic – instead, it’s accessible and personal, and even includes the odd emoji! So whether you’re a long-time art-lover or something of a newbie, DailyArt is a great way to bring a little culture to your daily routine.


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