Best apps to survive Valentine's Day

By Peter Cruickshank 13 Feb 2018
Valentine's apps

Whether you're looking for that perfect date or want a distraction from all the romance, we've picked the best smartphone apps to help you get through another Valentine's Day. 

Planning a date


If you're stuck for ideas on where to take your partner for Valentine's Day, check out these useful apps to compare restaurants, plan trips and find ways to make the most of that special evening.




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Looking for the perfect restaurant for that romantic dinner? Maybe you're after something more relaxed and casual, or just need something that's close to home. Whatever the venue, TripAdvisor provides reviews, photos and directions for hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world.

Type your city into the search box and you'll get a substantial list of places to visit, which you can filter by cuisine, cost and distance from your current location. If you already have a restaurant in mind, check out its user score and take a look for any photos that have been uploaded by other diners.

This app is also ideal for arranging a hotel or bed & breakfast booking, so if you plan on staying out overnight you'll have plenty of options at your fingertips.

If you're looking for a romantic weekend rather than just a single evening, Airbnb might just be the app for you. Instead of having to check into an expensive hotel, you can pick from thousands of homes and apartments to stay in.

Whether you decide on an overnight trip to Paris or just a night away from your own home, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Costs are usually much cheaper than you'd find in a hotel or B&B, and you'll often be able to find accommodation much closer to venues you'd like to visit. Simply pick your perfect location, set a price and check out what Airbnb has to offer.

A recent update to Airbnb introduced "Experiences", so if you're looking for something a bit more unusual, you can book a date and take part in experiences like wolf encounters, silent discos and other interesting date opportunities.

Kitchen Stories

AJNS Media


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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about going out somewhere fancy, you can make a fantastic meal at home for that special person, or have some fun together making it.

Kitchen Stories is a fantastic resource full of great looking and informative video recipes to help you make a great meal. When you open the app you’ll be shown the Today screen which features some of the latest bits for you to try out. It’s divided up into various sections such as ‘Get Inspired’ and ‘Weeknight Favourites’.

There’s also a How To section which can teach you basic kitchen skills about chopping and how to use a knife, and how to get really good at baking. You’ve also got a search function to find some of your favourite foods, and a shopping list function to help you get everything you need to make the perfect night in.

Alternatively, if you get too ambitious and things don’t quite go your way, you can download the Just Eat app.

Avoiding Valentine's Day


If you don't have a special someone to share Valentine's Day with, don't worry. We've picked some of our favourite apps to take your mind away from romance and cheer you up if you're feeling blue.


Netflix, Inc


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What better time to binge-watch your way through some quality TV than on Valentine's Day? There are plenty of streaming services out there to choose from, but we chose Netflix for its large library of videos, lack of adverts and the option to skip intro titles for most TV shows.

If you're watching through a laptop, there's also a few outstanding extensions for Google Chrome that offer more control over Netflix, like unlocking even more video categories to browse through, or getting rid of the "Are you still watching?" prompt.

If you can't think of any better way to spend your evening than curled up on the sofa watching old favourites or the latest thing, why not make a date with Netflix on your phone or tablet this February?

If you want to avoid being social on Valentine's Day, apps like ( OFFTIME ) will help you block social networks from your smartphone completely. Whether you're just after a short break from Twitter or fed up of seeing your friends' romantic dinners on Instagram, you can pick the right kind of social filters to suit you.

You can set different profiles to meet different needs, meaning you can choose a profile that blocks all notifications, filters incoming calls and messages or even restricts access to certain apps.

If you can't keep away from Facebook, but don't want to see constant reminders that it's Valentine's Day, simply put a temporary block on the Facebook app until you're ready to start browsing again.

Hopefully, you've found what you need to survive this Valentine's Day, no matter how you choose to celebrate it. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you have your own suggestions for Valentine's Day apps by clicking the social links below.

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