How to use the Apple TV app

By Peter Cruickshank 20 Dec 2017
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The latest version of iOS adds a new TV app to your home screen, but what does it do and how does it work? Find out how to access your iTunes purchases, iPlayer suggestions, Amazon Prime subscriptions and more, all from one convenient place.

What can you watch on the TV app?


Apple's TV app merges some of the most popular tv shows and streaming services into one easy-to-browse library. We've made a list of the streaming services currently available, and more may be added in future.

Each service can be installed on its own, but only the new TV app can search through all the services at once. If you're looking for Blue Planet but can't remember whether it's in iPlayer or ITV Hub, you can still find it in Apple TV!

How to use the Apple TV app


Use your iPhone or iPad to stream the latest videos from places like iPlayer and iTunes Video. These steps will help you browse the TV app and find the shows you want to watch.

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Press the TV icon on your Home screen to open the app. When you see a welcome message, press Continue.


There are four icons across the bottom of the app; Watch Now, Library, Store and Search. If you know what you want to watch, tap Search.


The main tab of the TV app recommends programs to watch, from a variety of different sources.


Tap on a film or series to see a description of the video. Press the Play button to start a video, or press the price tag to purchase it.

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If you're watching something that's not from iTunes, you'll have to install the proper app for the service you're using. Press Continue to move on to the next screen.

The next page will tell you which app to download. Press Get to start downloading the app from the iTunes Store.

Confirm you wish to download a new app by tapping Install.

Most streaming services need you to sign in before you can use them. Tap Register to create an account, or Sign in if you already have an account.

How do I get the app on my iPhone?


If Apple's new TV app isn't installed yet, make sure your iPhone is up to date. Open Settings, tap on General and press Software Updates to find new software waiting to download.

If your phone has a software update you must wait while it restarts. When the latest version of iOS is installed, a new app icon for TV will appear on your Home screen.

You will now be able to browse Apple TV and stream video to your heart's content. If you can't find the shows you want, more services will be added to Apple TV over time - with live sports and other additions expected in the very near future.

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