7 of the best Roku channels

By Mike Atherton 24 Apr 2018
7 of the best Roku channels

Roku has been around for a few years now, and they offer some of the best kit you can get for streaming movies, TV, and music.

If you want to know more about what a Roku stick is, and what it can do, take a look at our 'What is a Roku Stick?' article.

Roku doesn’t use the term ‘apps’, instead, they’re called ‘channels’, but they’re exactly the same thing. So here’s our pick of the best channels for your Roku player.



It’s probably the best known, and most popular video streaming service in the world - and with a catalogue of over 4,000 movies, and 1,000 TV shows, it’s hardly surprising.

Netflix also offers a lot of 4K content too, so as long as you have a 4K TV and the Roku 4K Streaming Stick, you’ll be able to watch in Ultra HD.

Download Netflix from the Roku Channel Store.

Amazon Prime Video


In terms of numbers, Amazon beats Netflix hands down - with almost 20,000 movies, and 2,000 TV shows, there’s certainly no shortage of things to watch.

The advantage of using the Roku Stick over the Amazon Fire TV Stick for watching Prime Video is that you’re not confined to the Amazon ecosystem for everything else - with a Roku player, you can get access to things you can’t get on a Fire TV Stick.

Like Netflix, Prime Video also offers some Ultra HD content, but you’ll only be able to watch this if you also have a 4K TV and the Roku 4K Streaming Stick.

Download Amazon Prime Video from the Roku Channel Store.

Now TV


Now TV is a great service from Sky, and it’s ideal if you want to get access to some of Sky’s great content, but you don’t want to pay a hefty subscription fee or get stuck in a 12 month contract.

With Now TV, you just pay for a ‘Pass’, which gives you access to Entertainment, Movies, Sports, or Kids channels. The passes start at just £3.99 per month and you can cancel them at any time. Find out more about Now TV here.

Download Now TV from the Roku Channel Store.



Deezer is a music streaming service which has a massive 53 million song library, and is available in over 180 countries - and because Deezer is also available on smartphones, tablets, and computers, you can take your playlists wherever you go.

Deezer does offer a free service (with ads), but you’ll need to sign up to a £9.99 per month Premium+ account to listen through your Roku player.

Download Deezer from the Roku Channel Store.



Plex is a great app that lets you stream content directly from your home computer using your Wi-Fi. You just need to set your computer up as a Plex server, which might sound complicated but don’t worry, it’s a simple step-by-step process. You can get more information on how to set up and use Plex here.

When you’ve set up your computer as a Plex server, just add the Plex channel to your Roku player, and you can play all the videos and pictures from your computer to your TV.

Download Plex from the Roku Channel Store.

Google Play Movies & TV


If you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee, Google Play is a convenient way to catch up on TV you’ve missed, and watch the latest movies. It’s got something for everyone too - from Westworld to Peppa Pig.

If you already have a Google account and an Android smartphone, you can access all of the content you’ve already bought on both devices, making it easy to watch your stuff wherever you are.

Download Play Movies & TV from the Roku Channel Store.

TV Player


TV Player is a subscription service that gives you access to over 50 live TV channels, plus 25 premium channels like Discovery, National Geographic, Comedy Central, and Eurosport.

It comes with an on-demand service so you can catch up on the shows you’ve missed. With up to 50 hours of online storage, you can even record live TV.

You get a one month free trial, then it’s £5.99 per month, but aren’t tied to a contract so you can cancel it whenever you want. Find out more about TV Player here.

Download TV Player from the Roku Channel Store.

Hopefully, that's given you some new channels to check out on your Roku player. If you need help with anything else, you can contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here.

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