Is 3D TV bad for your eyes?


3D TV has been growing in popularity – but could watching TV in 3D be harmful or damaging for your eyes? In this guide, we'll take a closer look at the available information.

The effects of 3D


Using 3D certainly puts more strain on the eyes than they normally experience while watching TV. The 3D glasses darken everything you see, which means your eyes have to work harder to focus. This can cause eye strain – and some manufacturers have warned about the possibility of it triggering epileptic fits.

There hasn't been much research into the long-term effects, so we don't really know what 3D is doing to our eyes – although there's no indication it causes permanent damage. The best thing to do is to follow any advice given by the manufacturer, and take regular breaks. Nintendo, for example, recommend taking a break every 30 minutes while playing games in 3D–  and that children under six shouldn't use the technology at all.

If you've been watching 3D TV for a while – after watching a film, say – make sure to take a break afterwards. Different people will experience different effects from watching 3D TV, but if you start to get any physical side effects – like nausea, eye strain or headaches – then you should stop using it straight away.

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