10 apps worth swapping your phone for

By Max Matthew 19 Feb 2018
apps to make you swap phones

When Team Knowhow offered me a chance to do some work experience, I thought I’d prepare by talking to my friends about what they loved and hated about their phones, and what they’d like their next phone to be.

I was really surprised when I talked to other people at school. No matter what they liked or didn’t like about their phone, even if it wasn’t really doing what they wanted, not one of them wanted to switch to a different operating system.  Android users wanted the next best Android, and iPhone users wanted the latest iPhone.  That was the end of it.

I think that’s crazy. At fifteen, we should be all about trying new things. Whether you’re an iOS or an Android lover – each has got some pros that should be enough for you to want to at least weigh up a change.

So, I’ve decided to write a list of ten great apps that are only available on either iOS or Android. Take a look at the ones that your phone doesn’t support, and ask yourself, is it worth trying a change? 

Apps for Android


Walk Band

Whether you’re a budding artist, established musician or just looking to play around, everyone will get something from Walk Band. It’s a music studio app with great features, such as an 88-key piano with multiple modes (chords, single, double, ect.), electric and bass guitar, a drum kit, and a multi-track synthesiser. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a multi-track synthesizer which lets you record a couple of instruments at the same time. 

Walk Band also has ‘Music Zone’, a dedicated place for artists to share their projects and offer feedback on each other’s work. It’s my absolute favourite app on the Play Store. 


Drupe is the phonebook app of the future: there’s almost too many useful features to count. There’s a cross-app phone dialler, a built-in call recorder, and a slick user interface that includes contacts from Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

I love the fact that it’s all available instantly from an icon on the side of the screen that can be accessed from everywhere. Once you’ve used this, you’ll never look back at your old phonebook. 


Greenify is an app that helps you increase the speed of your phone, and the battery, in a unique way. It does it by making apps behave in a way similar to how iOS apps do, by putting them into ‘hibernation’, without closing the app itself. It is an app that you will never see running, and that’s the idea. If you were using hibernation mode as a reason not to try out Android, this app puts that out of the picture. 


Unclouded seems like a simple little app, but don’t be fooled. It’s an expert at managing, analysing, exploring, and clearing storage from your device and in the cloud.

This app is the perfect hub for all your storage needs, and has compatibility with services like Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, BOX, and Google Drive, as well as full access to internal storage and SD cards within the device. Most of the time I use a PC, so having access to all of my files on the go is great.

Lux Lite

We all (and no demographic more than fifteen-year-olds) spend hours on our phones, especially at night. Studies show that some types of light coming from our phones restrict the amount of sleep we’re getting.

Lux Lite is an app that helps by letting you adjust the brightness of your screen to below the normal limit. It’s also capable of changing the screen colour temperature and decreasing that dreaded blue light, helping you get some sleep. There’s nothing quite like it on the App Store.

Apps for iOS



iMovie is a classic. Most people with an iPhone have used it at some point, and it still provides one of the best mobile video editing experiences on the App Store. It provides a quick, easy way of editing video, allowing anyone to make high standard movies.

It doesn’t matter that iMovie lacks ‘professional’ editing tools because of how easy it is to use. I made my first iMovie video before I understood what editing was.


Like iMovie, every iOS user will have a copy of GarageBand. It’s a music studio app that has everything you need to record professional sounding music. A wide variety of recording tools such as synthetic piano, guitars and drum kits make you feel like you’re in a real recording studio.

The real charm of GarageBand comes when you get to know the app and discover some shortcuts, which make the process effortless. Its friendly user interface isn't intimidating - you're not overwhelmed by too many technical terms - which means you can just enjoy making music. 


I have always loved listening to podcasts.  I think lots of people do. Despite this, there aren't a great many apps that let me collect and store all my favourite podcasts in one place. Enter Overcast. Overcast is a powerful, yet simple, audio podcast player. It looks incredibly sleek and modern, and once again, has an easy to navigate user interface.

Features like downloading for offline listening, playlist creation with customisable filters, and recommendations based on your twitter profile will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.  It even lets you listen to podcasts from online links. I would switch phones just for this feature. 


With more advanced, 'innovative' phone camera technology being announced with every new phone, the need for better mobile picture-editing apps is always increasing. Darkroom is an editing app for photographers to professionally edit photos directly from their phone, cutting out the faff of transferring files to and from a PC/Mac.

The customisable filters and full library sync makes this app a joy to use, whether you're a professional phototgrapher or just want to take a better selfie. 


If I told you that my favourite iOS app is a notes app, you’d think I’m mad. I might be. That doesn’t stop me giving Bear the top spot. Bear is a writing app for making notes, code, and with the newest update, even drawings.  Bear is the perfect app for anyone who wants to write anything, at any time, in any place.

Different text sizes, useful typographical features, apple pencil compatibility and the ability to add pictures, drawings and links to notes make this app the most convenient option for note taking. Bear automatically saves your notes using Apple’s CloudKit. This lets you transfer notes between your iPad, iPhone, and Mac instantly. If this app doesn’t make you want to change from Android to iOS, nothing will.

I hope that any fifteen year olds (or adults) reading this have found an app that might make them consider making the change to a new kind of phone. 

If you decide to break out of your comfort zone and need advice with a phone or tablet, you can always get in touch with our Experts at Team Knowhow for more help.

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